Social Security Disability

Though Social Security Disability (SSD) insurance is meant to help those who suffer from physical and mental disabilities and are unable to work, getting approved for SSD is not as simple as submitting your medical information and waiting for the checks to arrive. Most SSD claims in Pennsylvania are denied, even when claimants are eligible for benefits. The first step in getting your SSD claim approved is ensuring your paperwork is correct and you are submitting all necessary supplementary materials. If your claim is approved the first go round, excellent. If not, step two is filing an appeal and fighting for the benefits you deserve.

What type of SSD payment should I expect to receive?

If you are approved for Social Security Disability, your benefit depends upon several factors. These include your work history, your medical situation, and your financial needs. Benefits may be used to cover your reduced income, or to cover your medical bills. It is unlikely your SSD will cover all your expenses, but it can make a big difference in the lives of those who are struggling to pay for their basic costs of living.

Uniontown SSD Attorneys

When you apply for SSD benefits, it can be beneficial to have the guidance of those who have helped others apply and get approved for SSD in the past. Sinclair & Theiner, Attorneys at Law, LLC are SSD attorneys with a proven track record of getting claims approved for their clients, and overturning denied claims. Whether you seek help with your SSD application, or your claim has already been denied, Sinclair & Theiner will go over the details of your disability, your medical paperwork, and help you get your claim in the best possible order before you submit or appeal it.

If you cannot work, there is no time to delay. You need funds coming in as quickly as possible to keep from falling further behind. Sinclair & Theiner help clients in Fayette, Washington and Greene Counties, as well as Mon Valley submit the most complete SSD claims and fight for their benefits should those claims be denied.

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