Debtor/Creditor Issues

When you are facing collections for a debt you owe to an individual or company, or when another person owes you money, the matter cannot always be resolved without legal intervention. There are rules and laws creditors must abide by when acting to collect a debt, and, of course, individuals who owe money are legally expected to pay. Whatever debtor/creditor issue you face, Sinclair & Theiner, Attorneys at Law, LLC can help you take the matter to court, or represent you if you are already facing a court hearing.

Small Claims and Civil Court

When it comes to debt and credit issues, the priority of many people is to avoid filing for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy can have a major impact on your ability to get credit, including mortgages and car loans, for years to come, and make it especially hard for small businesses to claw their way out of the red and get back to business. That’s why solving financial disputes when they arise is so essential to financial stability.

Many debtor/creditor issues between individuals can be solved in small claims court, or even through mediation. Issues involving one or more companies may be more complex, but can still often be resolved through mediation and a plan of action for repayment.

Pennsylvania Debtor/Creditor Attorneys

When you are dealing with bill collectors calling for money you can’t afford to pay, or believe you do not owe, or if someone owes you money they refuse to pay, it is unlikely to resolve itself, but it can be resolved. Taking the matter to court might seem like a last resort, but it is often the most expedient way to bring a debt dispute to an end.

When it comes to debtor/creditor issues, it is Sinclair & Theiner’s goal to help you avoid bankruptcy, to work out a payment schedule you can afford, or to get the money that you are owed with as little stress as possible. Based out of Uniontown, Sinclair & Theiner provides debtor/creditor services to those in Uniontown and surrounding areas, including Mon Valley and Fayette, Washington and Greene Counties.

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