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Sinclair and Theiner, Attorneys at Law, have over two decades of experience handling civil cases for individuals and businesses. They use their experience, in-depth knowledge of law and practical application of law to provide clients with effective legal solutions. Areas of practice include family law, Social Security Disability, real estate law and consumer collections law. When you step into the office of Sinclair and Theiner, expect a warm welcome and a personalized touch. Each client gets the attention deserved. No question is too small, and no question is too big. Sinclair and Theiner have the right legal answers.

Effective Legal Solutions: Sinclair and Theiner

Attorney Jennifer Sinclair and attorney Samuel Theiner develop legal strategies for resolution of their clients’ problems. Attaining benefits from Social Security for a disability is vital to your livelihood. Sinclair and Theiner can assist with your initial application and appeal if you’ve been denied benefits. They know the criteria and threshold of the Social Security laws. In addition, they can represent you in hearings and in federal court.

In issues regarding family law, such as divorce, adoption and paternity, Sinclair and Theiner let clients know all of their options. At times, mediation in divorce may be a more cost-effective solution than battling matters out in family court. In adoption, careful attention is given to all the required legal documentation regarding parental rights and state laws. They can also assist with filing a paternity petition. All around, Sinclair and Theiner are committed to acting in the best interests of the family.
With matters surrounding real estate law, such as the sale or purchase of real estate, Sinclair and Theiner are dedicated to protecting your investment. Get assistance with real estate contracts, title issues and zoning issues.

Sinclair and Theiner, Attorneys at Law, have a small community focus and are there to serve the unique needs its people. They have a hometown approach that is client-centric.

If you’re facing a legal problem, turn to Sinclair and Theiner for a consultation. They will take the time to carefully listen to your individual circumstances and outline all of your legal alternatives.

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